Cura Personalis

Formation of the Whole Person – Cura Personalis is a Latin phrase meaning “care for the person” that thoughtfully and intentionally integrates the fullness of human experience through the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of our students during their four years at Loyola and beyond.

"Cura personalis (Latin meaning "care for the [individual] person")--A hallmark of Ignatian spirituality* (where in one-on-one spiritual guidance, the guide adapts the Spiritual Exercises* to the unique individual making them) and therefore of Jesuit education (where the teacher establishes a personal relationship with students, listens to them in the process of teaching, and draws them toward personal initiative and responsibility for learning."

- George Traub, SJ, Do you speak Ignatian? (2002)

What does it mean to educate the "Whole Person"?

Listen to Walt Wolfe and Steven Speciale reflect on teaching, the arts, and the goals of a Jesuit education.

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